How Do You Change the Transmission Fluid in a Chrysler?


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To change the transmission fluid in a Chrysler, loosen the transmission pan, allow the fluid to drain into an approved container, and remove and replace the gasket and filter housed in the transmission pan. Replace the pan, and fill the car with the recommended amount of transmission fluid.

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Start the car, and allow it to warm up for several minutes. Place an approved container under the transmission pan to catch the old transmission fluid, and loosen each of the bolts holding the pan in place, with one bolt slightly looser than the remaining bolts. The fluid should primarily drain out of the pan at the corner where the loosest bolt is.

After the transmission fluid stops draining, remove the pan, gasket and filter. Install a new transmission filter and a new gasket, and replace bolts holding the transmission pan in place using a torque wrench. Refill the transmission fluid to the appropriate level, and allow the car to run for several minutes.

Change the gears from park to drive or neutral, and check the transmission fluid level. In order to check the transmission fluid level, set the parking brake, put the car in neutral, and remove the dipstick for the transmission while the car is started. Dispose of any used transmission fluid according to local regulations.

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