How Do You Change a Transmission Filter?

How Do You Change a Transmission Filter?

To change a transmission filter, remove the transmission pan, and pry off the old filter to replace it. You will need a bucket, a socket wrench set, a scraper, a transmission pan gasket, gasket seal adhesive, a rag, a new transmission filter, a flat-head screwdriver and transmission fluid.

  1. Drain the fluid

    Place a bucket underneath the transmission drain plug. Unbolt the plug to allow the fluid to drain.

  2. Remove the transmission pan and gasket

    Unbolt the transmission pan, and remove it. Use a scraper and rag to remove the old gasket and residue on the pan and mounting surface.

  3. Replace the old filter

    Unbolt or pry the old filter off with a flathead screwdriver, and replace it with the new filter.

  4. Install a new gasket

    Apply adhesive to the new gasket, and install it on the transmission pan.

  5. Reinstall the transmission pan

    Mount the transmission pan, and bolt it into place.

  6. Add new fluid

    Ensure the transmission drain plug is secure, and start the engine. Fill the transmission reservoir with new fluid.