How Do You Change a Timing Chain?

How Do You Change a Timing Chain?

To change a timing chain, disconnect the battery, remove the radiator, and drain the coolant. Loosen the tension gear, and pulll out the old chain. Finally, lubricate the tension gear, and attach the new chain.

  1. Disconnect the battery, and remove the radiator

    Clean the engine with degreaser to prevent entry of contaminants. Locate the first cylinder of the firing order, and remove the spark plug. Insert the screwdriver in the spark plug hole so the screwdriver head nears the piston. Disconnect the battery cable, and check the engine to ensure it is cool before removing the radiator cap.

  2. Remove the old chain

    Drain the coolant, and pull out the radiator hoses and drive belts, then remove the chain cover, crankshaft pulley, water pump and fan. Make a reference mark, on the old chain and another on the old chain gear, and then spin the chain to align the marks. Make another mark across the chain and the gear. Loosen the tension gear, and pull out the chain from the gear.

  3. Install the new chain

    Lubricate the tension gear, place the replacement chain on the lubricated gear, and align the chain with the marks. Replace the camshaft sprocket bolts, fasten the tension gear, and insert the crankshaft seal into the chain cover. Lubricate the seal, replace the chain cover, and fix the water pump, fuel pump, fan and clutch. Refill the coolant, and reattach the belts, battery and hoses.