How Do You Change the Switch for the Power Window Motor?

To change the switch for a power window motor, disconnect the battery, remove the necessary panels to access the switch, unplug it and replace it. The procedure for accessing the switch varies depending on its location. Typically, a pair of pliers, a multimeter and a screwdriver are the only tools necessary to complete the installation. Occasionally, if water has penetrated the door seal over time, you may need oil to loosen rusted screws or connections.

Check the fuse first to make sure a switch replacement is necessary. Remove the negative power cable from the car battery before starting the switch replacement. Power window motor switches are typically located in the door's armrest or in the door panel. If the switch is in the armrest, simply remove the screws holding it in place, and lift the panel out of the armrest. Reconnect the battery after inserting the new switch, and test it with the multimeter to ensure that the switch is receiving 12 volts from the battery before screwing the panel back into the armrest.

Remove the clips around the outside of the door panel. Disconnect and remove any items that are blocking access to the switch, including the door latch handle and its linkage, door lock indicators, and the connecting arm and stereo speakers and wiring. Once the switch is changed, test it in the same way as before.