How Do You Change the Sparkplugs in Your Car?

To change the spark plugs in a car, start with a cold engine and disconnect the spark plug wire carefully from the plug. Clean the spark plug area with a can of compressed air and using a spark plug ratchet and socket, remove the plug. Gap the new plug properly and insert into the valve.

To effectively change out spark plugs, use a 3/8-inch ratchet and swivel socket, a spark plug gap gauge, and compressed air.

  1. Disconnect the wires
  2. Disconnect the spark plug wires from the plugs. Only disconnect one wire at a time to keep the firing order intact. Do not yank the wire, but twist left and right to loosen.

  3. Spray the compressed air
  4. After removing the wire, spray a quick shot of compressed air on the plug to remove any dirt from its surface and prevent dirt from falling into the valve when the plug is removed.

  5. Remove the plug
  6. Remove the plug by turning it counterclockwise using the ratchet and socket. Loosen the plug with the socket and remove it by hand.

  7. Gap the new plug
  8. Using the gap gauge, gap the new plug to the vehicle's specifications. Look in the user manual to find the proper specifications.

  9. Insert the new plug
  10. Ensure there is no dirt or debris in the valve, then insert the new spark plug by placing it into the valve and tightening by hand. Finish the process by using the ratchet and socket.

  11. Reattach the wire
  12. Reattach the wire by twisting it into place. The wire will click when it has made contact with the plug.

  13. Repeat the procedure
  14. Repeat this procedure on the remaining spark plugs.