How Do You Change the Spark Plugs on a Kawasaki Motorcycle?


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To change the spark plugs on a Kawasaki motorcycle, remove the worn out plugs with a ratchet and socket, remove the wires, remove the spark plugs with the socket, and then tighten the new spark plug. The spark plugs are located in the engine, which is found underneath the seat in a Kawasaki motorcycle.

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To access the engine of the motorcycle, press the release tab to remove the seat. It is generally necessary to remove the bolts on the sides of the gas tank with a ratchet and socket, remove the vacuum and fuel hoses with pliers, and then slide the tank out of the way in order to access the spark plugs. When removing each wire boot, the part that attaches to the spark plug, do so one at a time to avoid confusion.

In order to remove the spark plugs, turn the socket wrench counterclockwise. Applying lubricant to the replacement spark plug assists in securing the new one, which should be tightened with a torque wrench to 20 pound-feet. Reattach the corresponding boot to each spark plug’s tip. Replace the gas tank, and close the seat.

When motorcycle spark plugs wear out, they may cause overheating, misfire and poor fuel economy.

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