How Do You Change Rims on a Jeep?

To change the rims on a Jeep, use a car jack to lift up the tire, drain the air from the tire, use a socket wrench to detach the rim from the tire, and pry off the rim with a crowbar or sturdy screwdriver. Using the bolts that accompany the new rims, attach a new rim to the Jeep. Fill the tire to the manufacturer's recommended pressure settings. Repeat this process for the rest of the tires.

Once all four rims are installed, start the Jeep, and begin driving. Maintain low speeds, and pay attention to the sounds the tires make when in motion to ensure the rims have been correctly placed and do not fall off.

Upgrade your jeep rims to suit your driving needs or whenever damage occurs to them. Damage is often visually noticeable, but you may also detect it via thumping sounds while driving or a constant vibration of the steering wheel. Changes in the way the Jeep handles, a reduction in fuel efficiency or abnormal tire wear can also indicate a damaged rim.

Replace damaged rims as soon as possible. The consequences of driving on damaged rims include decreased gas mileage and either the blow-out or premature wear of a tire. Jeep rims are easy to replace at home, but consult a mechanic if the rim is cracked or any of the lug holes appear damaged.