How Do You Change a Rear Wiper Blade?


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To change a rear wiper blade, detach its cap, the arm of the wiper and the cover of the arm; remove the wiper and the wiper panel; and disconnect the motor of the wiper. Then, loosen the existing blade of the wiper, and replace with a new one. Finally, reassemble the wiper motor, arm and blade cap.

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How Do You Change a Rear Wiper Blade?
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Begin changing a rear wiper blade by pulling off the plastic cap of the wiper blade. Using a screwdriver with a flat head, remove the 13-millimeter screws, and detach the arm of the wiper from the windshield. Also, remove the plastic cover present beneath the arm.

Then, undo the 22-millimeter screws to detach the wiper, and seat yourself in the rear seat of the vehicle. Now, take out the windshield wiper panel at the back of the vehicle, and cut off power supply to the motor of the wiper. Undo the 10 millimeter-long screws, and detach the motor.

Next, get out of the vehicle, remove the existing wiper blade, and install the new one. Again, get inside the vehicle, replace the motor of the wiper, and secure it using the 10-millimeter screws. From outside the vehicle, replace the 22-millimeter screws.

Replace the arm of the wiper so that the replacement blade touches the rear window. Replace the 13-millimeter screws and the plastic cap of the blade. Finally, switch on the car, and operate the rear wiper to check if it functions as required.

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