How Do You Change a Purolator Oil Filter?


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To change a Purolator oil filter, locate the filter underneath the vehicle, empty the oil pan, and then unscrew the filter. The location of the oil filter can vary from vehicle to vehicle, so it is advisable to check the car manual for its exact location.

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Since oil filters can get slick due to oil and residue build up, an oil filter wrench may be required to unscrew the filter. Vehicles require specialized filters to meet size and quality requirements, so when purchasing a replacement filter, it is important to check if the oil filter model is compatible with the vehicle.

Prior to removing the oil filter, be sure to empty the vehicle's oil pan. When the oil filter is removed, it typically contains used oil. Vehicle owners should refrain from coming in contact with the oil, as it may cause a reaction to sensitive skin. Before installing the new filter, it is a good idea to partially fill the new filter with fresh oil. Fresh oil should also be spread around the filter's O-ring to ensure a secure and air-tight fit.

After installation, make sure to run the vehicle, and check for any leaks around or on the oil filter.

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