How Do You Change Power Steering Fluid?

To change power-steering fluid, siphon out the old fluid, and refill the reservoir with a fluid recommended by your car's manufacturer after flushing the system. You need a siphon bulb or turkey baster, an empty container, a quart of power-steering flush and power-steering fluid.

  1. Prepare the reservoir and empty container

    Locate the power-steering fluid reservoir, and unscrew the cap. Ensure the container is ready to accept the fluid.

  2. Insert the siphon into the reservoir

    Insert the tip of the turkey baster or siphon bulb into the reservoir. If you are using a siphon bulb, insert the other end into the container.

  3. Remove the old fluid

    Squeeze the handle of the siphon, and transfer the fluid from the reservoir and into the container.

  4. Start the engine, and fill the reservoir with power-steering flush

    Turn on the engine, and fill the reservoir to the full line with power-steering flush. Allow the engine to run with the flush for 10 seconds.

  5. Remove the flush, and repeat

    Siphon out the flush until the reservoir is empty. Repeat until a quart of power-steering flush has been used.

  6. Fill the reservoir with new fluid

    With the engine still on, add a little power-steering fluid to the reservoir. Check the dipstick to see if the fluid is over the minimum line. If not, add more fluid. Do not exceed the maximum line.