How Do You Change a Pitman Arm on a Chevy Truck?

How Do You Change a Pitman Arm on a Chevy Truck?

In order to replace a Pitman arm on a Chevy truck, the vehicle must be safely raised and secured, skid plate removed and components pulled off the steering box. The procedure requires using a drain pan, floor jack, metric socket set and flat-blade screwdriver.

The Pitman arm is a special component, used predominantly on older vehicles, that turns the wheels when the steering wheel is turned. The component is attached to the left and right steering boxes. The other end is attached to the idler arm via a ball joint. The following instructions explain how to safely remove and replace a Pitman arm on a Chevy truck.

  1. Raise the truck
  2. Use a floor jack to safely raise the truck. Place a jack-stand under the specified jack-points to make sure the truck does not fall over.

  3. Remove the skid plate
  4. Use a 15-millimeter socket to remove the four bolts that mount the skid plate to the car.

  5. Loosen the power steering coupling bolt
  6. Remove the plastic dust shield and spray penetrating oil on all of the components. Loosen and remove the steering coupling bolt from the steering box.

  7. Separate the Pitman joint
  8. Use a pickle bar to remove the ball joint out of the idler arm.

  9. Remove the Pitman arm from the steering box
  10. Loosen all the mounting bolts on the Pitman arm and replace the unit.