How Do You Change the Oil in a Subaru?


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To change the oil in a Subaru, raise the car using a jack or a ramp. Take off the front plastic air dam by removing the three front and two rear bolts with a Phillips screwdriver. Take the four plastic grommets off with a flat-head screwdriver. Lift the air dam up and push it toward the back of the car to remove it from the mounting hooks. Place the oil receptacles under both drain plugs, remove the plugs and drain.

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Once drained, replace the plugs, place the air dam back on the mounting hooks, and reinstall the grommets and bolts. Remove the car from the jack or ramp and open the hood. Open the oil filler cap and use a funnel to add oil, and then replace the cap and use the dipstick to check the oil level. If the level is appropriate, replace the dipstick; if not, add more oil. Lower the hood to complete the task.

Replace the crush washer on the opposite side of the drain plug during each oil change. You may also need to replace the oil filter at this time. To do so, fill the new filter with new oil and remove the old filter. Install the oil filter and tighten as much as possible.

When changing the oil on a Subaru, pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions regarding the type of oil to use. Most models made after 2011 require synthetic oil instead of regular oil. Using synthetic oil ensures a longer-lasting engine and better performance.

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