How Do You Change an Oil Pump?


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To change an oil pump, drain the oil pan and remove it to access the pump for replacing. You need a jack, jack stands, a set of mechanic's tools, a bucket, a gasket scraper, a rag and a new oil pan gasket.

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  1. Park the car

    Park the car on a flat surface.

  2. Lift one side of the front end of the car

    Place a jack underneath one side of the front end of the vehicle. Lift the vehicle, and secure a jack stand underneath the axle.

  3. Lift the other side

    Use the same technique to lift the other side of the front end.

  4. Position the bucket

    Position a bucket underneath the oil pan drain plug.

  5. Remove the drain plug

    Remove all components covering the drain plug, and then remove the plug.

  6. Allow the oil pan to drain

    Allow the oil to drain into the bucket, and then reinstall the plug.

  7. Remove the oil pan

    Loosen the bolts that secure the oil pan, and then remove the oil pan altogether.

  8. Remove the oil pan gasket, and clean the mounting rim

    Use a gasket scraper to remove the oil pan gasket, and then use a rag with the scraper to clean the mounting rim.

  9. Remove the old oil pump

    Remove the bolts that secure the oil pump. Detach the pickup tube and filter connected to the pump.

  10. Install the new pump

    Position the new pump, and attach the tube and filter to it. Tighten the bolts to secure the pump.

  11. Reinstall the oil pan

    Install the new oil pan gasket, and then reinstall the oil pan.

  12. Add new oil

    Add new oil to the vehicle.

  13. Check for leaks

    Start the engine, and allow it to run to check for leaks.

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