How Do You Change the Oil in a Mercedes-Benz?

Change the oil in a Mercedes-Benz vehicle by lifting the car on the passenger side using a jack or ramps, removing the splash shield from under the vehicle and removing the oil drain plug. Allow the oil to drain into an oil catch pan, and reinstall the oil drain plug. Replace the oil filter at the top of the engine with a new one, and tighten it until secure. Fill the engine with new oil, and lower the car.

When raising the car, whether by jack or using ramps, use jack stands under the vehicle to prevent any accidental slippage that could cause serious injury or damage to the vehicle. Heavy blocks or stones placed behind the rear wheels are another method of preventing the vehicle from rolling. Apply the parking brake for additional safety. The splash shield is usually a two-piece assembly, and it may be necessary to remove the front splash shield to remove the rear one. The drain plug can be removed using a 13-millimeter wrench or socket.

After the oil change has been completed, dispose of the old used motor oil properly. Store the spent oil in a suitable container, such as a metal or polyethylene plastic container, and take it to a facility equipped to accept waste oil, such as a household waste recycling facility.