How Do You Change the Oil in a Jaguar?


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Most Jaguars must have their oil changed from underneath the car. Once the car is lifted, you must find the oil pan and remove the bolt to allow the oil to drain. The filter (a small black cylinder) should be located near the oil pan and must be replaced.

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How Do You Change the Oil in a Jaguar?
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To replace the filter, unscrew the existing filter (be ready for spillage) and screw on a new filter. The filter type should be checked at your local auto parts store to make sure you find the correct filter for your specific model of Jaguar. Also, before screwing on the new cap, you should lubricate the new filter by pouring a small amount of oil through the top of the filter.

After locating the oil pan and removing the bolt (usually requiring between a 1/4 and 3/4 inch socket wrench), you must wait for the oil to drain. Then replace the plug and lower the vehicle. After the vehicle is lowered back down, find the oil dipstick and receptacle. Check your driver's manual to see how much oil and what type your Jaguar takes (Jaguars typically require more oil than the average commercial vehicle). Pour the oil into the receptacle. Wait a few minutes and then check the oil using the oil dipstick. Once oil levels have returned to the appropriate amount as confirmed by the dipstick, your oil change is complete.

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