How Do You Change the Oil on a Harley Davidson?


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To perform an oil change on a Harley-Davidson, first drain out the old oil by loosening the three drain plugs on the bottom of the transmission and engine cases. Next, replace the inner gasket and oil filter before replacing the drain plugs and pouring new oil in.

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It is generally easier to perform an oil change with a hydraulic lift, although you can complete the procedure without a lift. Two vertical drain plugs are responsible for draining oil in the engine, while a single horizontal plug drains the transmission box.

Once the old oil is out, loosen the hex screws holding the derby cover in place, remove the inner gasket, and then replace it. Skipping this step causes the motorcycle to run a greater risk of springing an oil leak.

Use an oil filter tool to remove the oil filter between the motorcycle's shifter and engine. Upon replacing the filter, the motorcycle is ready to have the drain plugs reattached and new oil poured in. When reattaching the drain plugs, make sure to clean them thoroughly, replace the o-rings on each plug, and add thread sealant for a tight grip. Older Harley-Davidson motorcycles require different amounts of primary fluid and transmission fluid, but touring motorcycles produced in the 2000s and later use a single quart of each.

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