How Do You Change the Oil in a Harley?


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To change the oil in a Harley, vent the system, drain the old oil into a drain pan, place 2 ounces of new oil into a new filter, and place the filter in the oil tank. Finally, fill the tank with the required amount of oil, and seal the tank.

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The oil filter on a Harley is behind the downtubes and in front of the motor's front cylinder. Start an oil change by venting the system, and remove the cap from the tank. Find the drain tube, place an oil pan under the motorcycle, unfasten the clamp to allow the tank to drain completely, and then re-tighten the clamp. Before removing the oil filter, place cardboard against the motorcycle to channel the flow of the oil into the oil pan. Unscrew the filter, and allow the oil to drain over the cardboard and into the pan.

Take the new filter, which should look exactly like the old one, and add 2 ounces of oil to it. Don't fill it completely. Apply a small amount of oil to the gasket surface of the filter so the gasket easily compresses against the seat. Install the filter by screwing it into the mount, and then add the oil. Make sure the cap is fully on the tank before finishing and cleaning up.

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