How Do You Change an Oil Filter?

To change an oil filter, drain the old oil, and remove the filter with a specialized wrench. Apply fresh oil to the rubber seal on the new filter, and install it by hand. You need a large bucket, a socket wrench set and an oil filter wrench.

  1. Warm up the oil

    Start the engine, and allow it to run for a few minutes.

  2. Jack up the front end

    Place the front end of the vehicle on jack stands or a ramp.

  3. Position the bucket

    Place a large bucket underneath the oil drain plug.

  4. Drain the oil

    Loosen the bolt that secures the plug, and allow the oil to drain into the bucket. Remove the oil filler cap to quicken the flow.

  5. Replace the drain plug

    Install a new oil drain plug gasket if needed, and replace the drain plug and filler cap.

  6. Remove the oil filter

    Position the bucket underneath the oil filter, and use the oil filter wrench to remove it.

  7. Clean the area

    Use a clean rag to remove debris and gasket residue from the mounting surface.

  8. Install the new filter

    Rub oil along the gasket of the new filter, and install the filter in the vehicle.

  9. Add fresh oil

    Add the necessary amount of oil for your vehicle in the oil reservoir.

  10. Check for leaks and oil level

    Start the engine, and check for leaks underneath the vehicle. Use the dipstick to ensure the oil level is correct.