How Do You Change Your Oil?


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Change the oil of a car by first jacking up the car, setting the jack stands in place and lowering the car. Then, remove the drain plug, get the old oil flowing, remove the oil filter, and install a new filter before finally adding new oil via the fill hole.

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How Do You Change Your Oil?
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If the engine is cold, start it, and allow it to run for five minutes to warm the oil. If the engine is hot, let it cool down for at least 30 minutes to avoid burns. Start by spreading plastic sheeting on the ground, and then drive the car onto it. Jack up the car, set the jack stands in place, and lower the car. Place all tools, including a wrench set, rags, a rubber mallet and safety glasses, in a tray for easy access.

The other tools needed are an oil filter wrench, a funnel and an oil pan. Smear clean oil on the new filter's gasket before getting under the car. Once underneath the vehicle, remove the drain plug, and get the old oil to flow into an appropriate oil reserve container. Next, remove the oil filter, and install the new filter. Replace the drain plug, and if necessary, install a new gasket on the plug once the old oil is down to a trickle.

Add new oil to the car at the fill hole. The owner's manual of the vehicle usually states the amount of oil to use. Once done, replace the fill cap, start the engine, and reset the oil change light.

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