How Do You Change the Oil in a 2015 Range Rover?


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To change the oil in a 2015 Range Rover, remove the drain plug, drain the oil, and replace the oil and oil filter. Before changing the oil, first remove the under-engine shield and the radiator splash shield.

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How Do You Change the Oil in a 2015 Range Rover?
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Change the oil when the engine is warm. Begin by raising the vehicle to access the underside of the engine, supporting it with a safety ramp or lift. Position a suitable oil drain container to collect the used oil, and remove the drain plug with a wrench. Refit the new drain plug, and tighten the plug. Locate the oil filter housing in the engine compartment, and remove it. Fit a new filter element at the bottom. The oil drain plug and oil filter should be replaced with each oil change.

Reinstall the under-engine shield and the radiator skid plates. Now lower the vehicle, and pour about 9 quarts or 8.5 liters of new 5W-30 oil. Start the engine, and let it run until the oil light on the indication panel goes out. Check the engine's oil level with a dipstick, and top-off if necessary. The manufacturer recommends an oil every six months or 7,500 miles. Refer to the Range Rover's repair manual for additional information.

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