How Do You Change Your Name on Your Driver's License After You Get Married?


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Getting a driver's license with your married name on it requires obtaining your marriage certificate and updating your Social Security card information. Take these documents to your local DMV to receive an updated driver's license.

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  1. Obtain a copy of the marriage certificate

    Visit the Clerk of Courts office at your local courthouse. Fill out the required paperwork, and pay the required fee to request a copy of your marriage certificate. Many states print the marriage certificates immediately, while other states mail the paperwork.

  2. Request a new Social Security card

    Go into your local Social Security Office to request a new Social Security card. Bring your marriage certificate, fill out the required forms and give the documents to the clerk for verification. An updated Social Security card typically arrives in the mail in seven to 10 business days, but the Social Security Office issues a temporary card for immediate use.

  3. Update your driver's license

    Bring a copy of your marriage certificate and your updated Social Security card to your local DMV. Fill out the required paperwork, and pay the required fee. The DMV destroys your old license and issues you a new one with your married name. In some states, you receive a temporary license at the DMV and your permanent driver's license through the mail.

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