How Do You Change the Headlight in a Volkswagen Beetle?


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To change the headlight in a Volkswagen Beetle, open the vehicle's hood, identify the bulb that needs replacement, lift the lever of the headlight assembly to detach the latter, and unlock the portal of the dysfunctional bulb. Then, take out the old bulb, replace with a new one, and replace the headlight assembly.

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To open the hood of the Volkswagen Beetle, undo the latch of the hood, and rest the hood on its prop. To identify which bulb needs replacement, insert the key in the ignition, turn it to Accessory, and check which bulb is not illuminated.

Then, switch off the lights and the ignition, and unplug the vehicle's battery. Alternatively, remove the keys from the ignition, and close all the car doors.

The lever of the headlight assembly is present toward its rear side and close to the fender. Push the latch of the lever downward, and lift the lever gently up and out. When bringing the lever up, apply pressure on the lens assembly's rear side to detach it from its cavity.

Now, identify the portal at the back of the lens, and press the retaining clip that looks like a thin wire inwards and upwards to unlock the portal. Alternatively, disconnect all the wires to detach the entire assembly.

Next, take out the existing bulb, hold the replacement one by its metal flange, and place it in position. Replace the retaining clip and the lens assembly. Test to see if the headlight works as required, and restore the lever to its original position.

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