How Do You Change a Headlight Bulb on a Volkswagen Beetle?

Changing headlights on a Volkswagen Beetle is a simple procedure that involves removing the housings from the chassis, disconnecting the battery and replacing the bulb. Unlike other vehicles the Volkswagen Beetle requires the headlight housing be removed for bulb replacement.

A Volkswagen Beetle's headlights have a uniquely cylindrical construction. They fit snugly inside of the front end of the vehicle and are held in place by locking clips. The following instructions explain how to safely remove and replace the headlights.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Remove the negative battery cable to avoid inducing any accidental shock.

  3. Locate the headlight housings
  4. Both housings are tucked in the corners of the engine compartment. After finding the housing, proceed to disconnect the wire harnesses from the lamps.

  5. Push down the release tabs
  6. Release the safety, located near each headlight, then lift the lever to release the locking tabs from inside the engine and push out the housing.

  7. Separate the lamps from the housing
  8. Remove the locking clip from the bulbs, then replace the burnt out lamps.

  9. Put the housing together
  10. Piece the lamps and housing back together and position it to align with the clips inside the chassis.

  11. Install the headlight
  12. Install the headlight into the chassis of the vehicle. Push the lamps in until a click is heard, indicating the headlamps are locked in.

  13. Reconnect the harnesses
  14. Connect the wire harnesses back to the lamps and reconnect the negative battery cable.