How Do You Change a Fuel Pump?

Replacing a fuel pump requires draining and dropping the gas tank from the vehicle to access the unit. Some vehicles will have a panel located under the rear seats of the car to allow easier access to the pump and avoid dropping the tank.

Before attempting to change the pump, be sure to check the appropriate fuses. A burned out unit can cause the same symptoms and require less work to complete. If the fuse is fine continue with the repair. The following instructions explain how to safely remove a fuel pump from a vehicle.

  1. Disconnect the battery
  2. Disconnecting the battery will prevent any accidental shock from occurring.

  3. Relieve the fuel pressure
  4. Relieve the fuel pressure by attaching a meter to the fuel pressure regulation on the engine. Open the relief valve and release the pressure.

  5. Drain the gasoline
  6. Either siphon or drain the fuel from the gas tank. Be sure to drain the fuel into a clean container as it will be used again.

  7. Remove the straps
  8. There will be straps securing the gas tank so place a hydraulic jack under it and loosen the bolts from the chassis. As the straps are loosened slowly lower the tank.

  9. Replace the pump
  10. Remove the fuel lines and replace the pump. Inspect the replacement and ensure it is the correct part. Reconnect the fuel lines and raise the tank back in place. Strap the tank down, refill it and test drive the vehicle.