How Do You Change the Fuel Pump on a 1993 Honda Accord?

Changing the fuel pump on a 1993 Honda Accord is a relatively difficult project, requiring the knowledge and ability to jack up the vehicle, drain the gasoline into a safe container, remove the gas tank and then remove the fuel pump. Safety precautions include supporting the vehicle with jack stands, and no smoking, open flames or spark-producing items near the vehicle.

Step 1: Access the fuel pump

The fuel pump is located inside the gas tank, thus the tank must be removed from the vehicle before the pump is accessible.

Step 2: Remove the fuel pump

Remove the fuel lines before unscrewing the nuts holding the fuel pump in place. Remove the fuel pump from the gas tank.

Step 3: Install the new fuel pump

Replace each part in reverse order of removal, tightening the nuts to the manufacturer's specifications. A repair manual provides detailed instructions and diagrams.