How Do You Change Fuel Injectors?

How Do You Change Fuel Injectors?

Replace fuel injectors by relieving the pressure from the fuel pump, removing the fuel source from the injector, and using an injector lifter to remove the unit. Lubricate the new injector, and press it into place. Reverse the steps to complete the installation.

  1. Relieve the fuel pressure

    Locate the fuse for the fuel pump. With the engine cool, start the engine, and pull the fuse. To relieve the pressure, allow the engine to stall from a lack of fuel.

  2. Detach fuel lines or rails

    Locate the fuel injectors. Remove other parts, if necessary, to access the injectors. Remove the fuel line from each injector or the fuel rails from a bank of injectors.

  3. Remove the injectors

    Disconnect the electrical plug from the top of the injector by prying with a flat-head screwdriver. Use a fuel injector puller to remove the fuel injector without damaging it. Slide the puller under the lip of the injector, and pop it out of the hole. Protect the hole to prevent debris from falling into the motor while the injector is out.

  4. Install the new injector

    Lubricate the new injector seals, and push them into place. Connect the electrical wires, and replace the fuel supply. Replace any parts you removed to access the fuel injector.