How Do You Change a Fuel Filter on a Ford Expedition?

Removing a fuel filter on a Ford Expedition requires the battery to be disconnected, the fuel pressure released and the vehicle safely raised from the ground. Once the vehicle is secured from the ground the filter can safely be changed.

The fuel filter is used to ensure the engine receives clean gasoline. When a filter is kept on the vehicle too long the engine will have several issues such as:

  1. Difficulty starting
  2. The engine idling rough or stalling
  3. Sluggish acceleration
  4. A decrease in fuel economy

The following instructions list how to properly remove and replace a fuel filter on a Ford Expedition.

  1. Relieve the gas tank pressure
  2. Open the gas cap to relieve the pressure inside the tank.

  3. Disconnect the battery
  4. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery to avoid accidental shock.

  5. Locate the fuel filter
  6. The fuel filter is mounted underneath the chassis of the Ford Expedition. Use a hydraulic-jack to raise the vehicle and support the chassis on jack-stands.

  7. Remove the fuel filter
  8. Once located, loosen the mounting bolts and remove the fuel filter. Then remove the fuel lines. Since the fuel pressure was released, the lines will come off with little to no lost fuel.

  9. Install the new pump
  10. Check the pump and make sure it fits. Install the new pump along with the fuel lines.

  11. Reconnect the battery
  12. Remove the jacks and lower the vehicle. Proceed to reconnect the negative battery cable.