How Do You Change Your Front Struts?


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To change a vehicle's front struts, remove the brake line support and pinch bolt, drop the sway bar, remove the top strut bolts, replace the link, and reattach the mounting and attachment points. When doing such a procedure at home, check to make sure that the new struts match the struts currently on the car before taking everything apart.

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The first step is to remove the brake line support that most vehicles have. Some cars do not have the brake line supported on the strut assembly. Since the strut is secured at the bottom by a pinch bolt, remove the bolt before dealing with the old strut. The pinch bolt can be difficult to get off, so use a breaker bar for extra pull.

The next step is to drop the sway bar, which is necessary for accessing the bar link that connects the sway bar to the strut. Then, place a jack under the brake disc or drum to reduce some pressure on the strut before removing the top strut bolts. The interior bolts are typically accessible through the trunk, but pay attention to where the top of the strut connects to the vehicle on the outside to easily locate them on the inside. To finish the job, simply remove the link that joins the sway bar and the strut, replace it with the new one, then reinstall the mounting and attachment points.

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