How Do You Change the Fluid in Ford Manual Transmissions?


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To change the fluid in Ford manual transmissions, gather the necessary materials and tools, remove the filler and drain bolts from the transmission, and fill the fluid with an oil pump. The required tools necessary to change transmission fluid vary depending on the type of vehicle, though they generally include a Jack and Axle, a set of wrenches and ratchets, an oil drain bucket, a fluid pump, and a bottle of transmission fluid.

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Use the Jack and Axle to lift the vehicle off of the ground and secure it. Locate the filler and drain bolts underneath the transmission and remove them with the proper wrenches, allowing the oil to drain into the bucket. While the oil drains, clean the drain bolt to remove metal shavings from the drain bolt's magnet.

When the oil is completely drained, carefully replace the drain bolt and fill the transmission with fluid using the oil pump. Replace the filter bolt with a wrench when the filler is full of fluid. After the drain and filler bolts have been replaced, take the car for a test drive to ensure functionality. If the filler and drain bolts are too difficult to remove, it may be necessary to take the car to a mechanic for professional service.

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