How Do You Change Drum Brake Shoes?


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To change drum brake shoes, park the vehicle in a flat area, jack it up, remove the rear wheel and wheel drum, pry out the rear brake shoe assembly, put together a new brake shoe assembly, and install it, reversing the disassembly procedure. Wear appropriate protective gear when working. Read your vehicle’s repair manual before starting the replacement.

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Park the vehicle in a flat place, release emergency the brake, use a car jack to securely jack up the vehicle, and place jack stands under the vehicle. Unbolt the wheel, turn the bolt holding the brake drum in place counterclockwise, and remove the wheel drum. Draw a diagram or take a picture of the assembly. To remove the rear brake shoe assembly, use pliers and your hand to pry off a pair of pins, springs and brackets that secure the shoe assembly in place.

Assemble the new brake shoe assembly, using the old assembly as a guide. If necessary, remove parts of the old assembly, clean them with a rag, and reuse them on the new assembly.

After putting together the replacement brake shoe assembly, attach the brake shoes to the brackets, starting from the bottom of the assembly and progressing to the top. Use pliers to reinstall the springs and pins to the brake backing plate. Replace the wheel drum, bolt the wheel back in place, jack up the vehicle slightly, remove the jack stands, and lower the vehicle. Test your work.

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