How Do You Change a Car Window's Belt Molding?

How Do You Change a Car Window's Belt Molding?

To change a car window's belt molding, take the window out of the car, remove any old molding from the edges, insert the window into the new molding, and tap it with a rubber mallet to secure it. Finally, replace the window.

When removing the window from the vehicle, look for socket bolts and regular screws holding the glass in place. Remove these with care. Once the window is safely removed from the vehicle and the old molding is discarded, use adhesive remover to clean away any residue from the adhesive that held it to the glass. Thoroughly clean the glass with a degreaser and soft cloth.

To make the placement of the rubber molding over the glass easier, coat the split portion of the molding with petroleum jelly. To keep the grease off clothing, cover your pants with a towel before manipulating the window. The towel also provides extra stability.

Using the rubber mallet is key to the installation process. It allows the molding to adhere tightly to the glass and makes the use of adhesives unnecessary. It also makes future molding replacements easier.

Before replacing the window, use the degreaser to clean up any extra petroleum jelly. Dry the window thoroughly with a soft cloth.