How Do You Change Cabin Air Filter?

How Do You Change Cabin Air Filter?

To replace a vehicle's cabin air filter, first determine if the vehicle comes equipped with an air filter. The vehicle owner's manual is the best way to find that information as well as where the filter is located. Once the air filter is removed, clean out the filter housing, and install a new air filter.

  1. Find the cabin air filter

    Use the vehicle's owner's manual to determine if the vehicle has a cabin air filter. Most newer vehicles are equipped with cabin air filters. The owner's manual should also indicate the cabin air filter's location. If not, check to see if it is visible with the vehicle's hood up, or behind the glovebox. Additionally, when purchasing a replacement filter, consider getting a charcoal filter if you often drive in heavy traffic.

  2. Remove the old cabin air filter

    If the filter housing is located behind the glovebox, then the glovebox has to be removed first. Once the filter housing is accessible, remove the cover. Unclip or unscrew the old cabin air filter from its housing, and pull it free.

  3. Install the new cabin air filter

    Clean out the filter housing to clear it of dust and debris. Then, insert the new cabin air filter, and secure it in place. Finally, replace the filter housing cover, reinstalling the glovebox if necessary.