How Do You Change Your Brakes?

How Do You Change Your Brakes?

To change your brakes, jack up the vehicle, remove the calipers and old brakes, insert the new ones, and refasten the calipers. This two-hour process works on sliding-caliper brakes. The required supplies are jacks, a wrench, wooden boards, graphite grease, new brake pads, retaining clips and a turkey baster.

  1. Jack up the vehicle

    Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels, jack up the front of the vehicle.

  2. Remove the caliper and old brake pad

    Loosen and remove the caliper slider bolts from one of the front wheels. Slide out the bolt, and lift up the caliper to expose the brake assembly. Slide out the brake pad, and unsnap its retaining clip.

  3. Install the new pad

    Snap a new retaining clip into place, and coat it with graphite grease. Slide the new brake pad inside the clip.

  4. Refasten the caliper

    Insert a board next to the caliper pistons, and press on the board to force the pistons to retract. As the pistons start to move, wedge an additional board next to the first. Open the brake fluid reservoir. If it looks close to overflowing, draw off some of the fluid with a turkey baster. Once the pistons are fully retracted, lower the brake caliper, and refasten the slider bolts.

  5. Repeat on the other side

    Repeat the foregoing steps to change the second brake pad, and then close the brake fluid reservoir.