How Do You Change Brake Pads on a Ford Focus?

How Do You Change Brake Pads on a Ford Focus?

In order to replace the brake pads on a Ford Focus, the car must be safely raised and stabilized, wheels removed and calipers removed. It should take approximately an hour to complete the procedure.

A car's brake pads are held in place by a caliper bracket. On top of the bracket is the caliper itself. In order to gain access to the brake pads, the caliper must be removed. Use the following instructions to properly replace brake pads on a Ford Focus.

  1. Raise and secure the car
  2. Use a floor jack to raise the vehicle up. Place jack-stands at the correct jack-points under the chassis.

  3. Remove the wheels
  4. Loosen and remove the lug nuts, and then take off the wheels.

  5. Loosen the caliper bolts
  6. There are two bolts that mount the caliper to the bracket. Both are threaded behind the caliper housing. Turn the steering wheel to gain easier access to the bolts. Loosen the bolts and remove the caliper.

  7. Hang the caliper
  8. There is a brake line that connects to the caliper. Use a wire to tie the caliper to the hub so the brake line does not break.
  9. Remove the pads
  10. Remove the pads from the caliper bracket.

  11. Replace the pads
  12. Install the new pads onto the caliper bracket.

  13. Use anti-squeak lube
  14. Anti-squeak lubrication is safe to use on the braking system and help prevent future noise on the pads. Apply it on the contact surfaces between the pad and caliper.

  15. Re-assemble the removed components
  16. Install the caliper and wheels back on the car.