How Do You Change Brake Pads?

How Do You Change Brake Pads?

To change a vehicle's brake pads, first remove the wheel and the brake assembly. Next, remove the old pads and install the new brake pads. It is of utmost importance that you place every object back exactly the way it was before removal.

  1. Remove the wheel

    Loosen each of the wheel's lug nuts before jacking the car off the ground. Place a jack stand under the frame to hold the car up. Continue loosening the lug nuts until the tire can be completely removed.

  2. Loosen the brake assembly

    The brake assembly is the mechanism resting on top of the rotor. Find the bolts at each end of the assembly and begin removing the bottom one. In most instances, only the bottom bolt needs to be removed. Once the bolt has been removed, the top part of the brake assembly should pivot upward to reveal the brake pads.

  3. Install the new brake pads

    The brake pads rest against the rotor of the vehicle. No tools are required to remove them; they can be taken out and reinstalled by hand. Ensure that the rubber parts of the pads are resting against the rotor. Once replaced, place the top half of the brake assembly back in its rightful place, and tighten it back with the bolt.