How Do You Change Brake Fluid?

How Do You Change Brake Fluid?

To change brake fluid, bleed the lines, and then refill the reservoir with fresh fluid. You need a flexible tube, a clear container, a wrench and someone to step on the brake pedal. Consult the repair manual for your vehicle to ensure the lines are safe to bleed.

  1. Fill the brake fluid reservoir

    Fill the reservoir, and replace the cap.

  2. Prepare a clear container

    Fill 1 inch of a clear container with brake fluid. Place one end of a flexible tube inside of the container.

  3. Locate the bleed valve behind the back wheels

    Search for the bleed valve bolt behind the brake cylinder.

  4. Attach the opposite end of the tube to the valve

    Remove the rubber cap attached to the bleed valve. Attach the other end of the tube to the valve.

  5. Loosen the valve

    Use a wrench to loosen the valve slightly without releasing any fluid.

  6. Pump and hold the brake pedal

    Press and release the brake pedal a few times. Hold the pedal down slightly.

  7. Loosen the valve more

    With the brake pedal held down, loosen the valve more to allow fluid to flow through the tube.

  8. Push the brake pedal lower

    Push the brake pedal down slowly. When the pedal is held down two-thirds of the way, tighten the valve. Release the pedal. Repeat the process until air bubbles stop exiting the tube.

  9. Bleed the remaining lines

    Follow the same process to bleed the three remaining lines, and check the fluid level in the reservoir throughout.

  10. Fill the reservoir

    Fill the reservoir to the full line.