How Do You Change a BMW Car Battery?

After locating the old battery on the right-hand side of the trunk under the carpet and carefully removing the negative and positive cables, unfasten the bolts holding the battery in place and replace with the new battery, being sure to reattach all bolts and cables in the appropriate places. While switching a battery is relatively quick and easy, it can be extremely dangerous if caution is not exercised when detaching or attaching the cables to the positive and negative terminals of the battery.

Replacing a battery in a BMW vehicle is easy, as long as the person doing it pays close attention to the terminals and wires.

  1. Locate the battery
  2. Pull the carpet back and locate the old battery on the right side of the vehicle's trunk.
  3. Remove the cables from the terminals
  4. Using a crescent wrench and an open-end wrench, detach the battery cables from the positive and negative terminals of the battery. Make sure to detach the negative cable first, and do not let the two cables touch each other once they are detached.
  5. Unfasten and remove the battery
  6. Unfasten the bolts holding the battery in place and remove the clips from the sides of the battery. Lift the old battery out of the vehicle by the straps.
  7. Insert the new battery
  8. Place the new battery into the vehicle in the exact same orientation that the old battery was in, making sure positive and negative terminals are in the right places. The owner's manual of the vehicle will explain which battery to use. Reattach the clips and bolts to hold the new battery in place.
  9. Reconnect the cables and finish
  10. Attach the red cable to the red positive terminal, and black cable to the black negative terminal. Flatten the carpet back out and test out the new battery by starting the vehicle.