How Do You Change Automatic Transmission Fluid in a Ford Explorer?

Changing the fluid in a Ford Explorer's automatic transmission requires dropping its pan, draining the old fluid and replacing the filter. The process requires an even surface to work with and an intermediate set of tools to use, such as a drain pan and socket set.

Transmission fluid is used to keep the components of the gearbox properly lubricated. Over time, the fluid loses its consistency and will require maintenance. The following instructions explain how to safely replace the transmission fluid in a Ford Explorer.

  1. Raise and secure vehicle
  2. Use a lift to raise the truck and secure it with jack-stands.

  3. Place oil pan under transmission
  4. Place an oil pan under the transmission drain bolt and loosen it. The fluid will then begin to fall into the pan.

  5. Remove the transmission pan
  6. There are several bolts holding the pan to the transmission. Loosen them and slowly lower the pan.

  7. Clean the transmission pan
  8. With the pan off, clean the interior to remove any build-up or debris which may have formed inside.

  9. Remove the filter bolts
  10. The filter for the transmission is mounted above the pan. Remove the hardware, pull the filter off and replace it.

  11. Replace the pan gasket
  12. Scrape off the old gasket and replace it. Once replaced, reinstall the transmission pan.

  13. Pour in new transmission fluid
  14. After the removed parts are reinstalled, open the cap and pour new transmission fluid in.