How Do You Change the Address on a Driving License?

change-address-driving-license Credit: David Lees/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Though it varies by state, there are several methods that can be used to change an address on a driver's license. In some cases, the licensee must go to a department of motor vehicles office to make the change, but some states allowed it to be done online or by mail. The licensee may need to purchase a duplicate license or renew it to have a license with the changed address.

Each state's DMV website will provide the information needed such as documents, locations and any possible costs involved. Many states' department of transportation websites will link to a DMV page. Some states may allow drivers to make an appointment to make a change to a license if the state requires them to make the change in person. There may also be deadlines to change the address on a license in case the licensee is moving and late fees may result if too much time has passed. Not all states may require an updated license but will send a change of address card until it is time to renew a license. According to, a driver's license may no longer display Social Security numbers or other identification documents. If a current driver's license shows a driver's SSN, the person needs to contact the state DMV for a replacement.