What Causes a Noisy Valve Lifter?


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A bent push rod, a bad lifter and deposits of bad oil in the engine are some of the known causes of a noisy valve lifter. Out of these problems, only bad oil deposits can be solved without seeking help from professionals.

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If an engine valve is damaged, it breaks the valve lifter. As a result, there a ticking sound that can be heard coming from the engine. This problem can be fixed by taking the vehicle to a mechanic and having both the valve and the lifter rebored.

Bad oil deposits are another possible cause of a noisy valve lifter. Bad oil deposits on the valve lifter reduce lubrication, which leads to the wearing of the valve lifter. If there is a sound coming from the top part of the engine, it is advisable to check the viscosity of the oil and compare it to the viscosity grade of the vehicle's engine before changing the oil.

The ticking of the valve lifter can also be a result of a creeping push rod. Pushing hard on the accelerator pedal sometimes causes the push rod to bend. In such a case, it is advisable to take the vehicle to a mechanic to have the push rod replaced.

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