What Are Some Causes of Ford F150 Electrical Problems?


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A common electrical problem with Ford F150 vehicles is failure of the reverse lights or the reverse indicator on the dashboard signalling whenever the vehicle is in reverse gear. The fault here lies in the transmission range sensor, which the manufacturer may have calibrated out of specification during assembling.

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A Ford owner with a faulty transmission range sensor, or TRS, should take his vehicle to an authorized dealer for inspection, after which he may have to replace the TRS. A faulty TRS may also cause the transmission not to properly engage in reverse gear.

The battery light on the instrument panel may illuminate in Ford F150s. This happens as a result of damage to the alternator wire harness connector. To rectify this, the car owner should install a new connector kit.

Another electrical problem is the failure of either one or more ignition coils. The cause of this is an excessive gap in the spark plugs, which the Check Engine Light may indicate. To solve this fault, the Ford F150 owner should replace the ignition coils that have failed, the spark plugs and all coil boots. If the spark plugs eject from the cylinder head, the car owner should replace the cylinder head.

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