What Are Some Causes of Engine Lifter Noise?

Engine lifter noise may be caused by a faulty lifter, deposits of dirty oil or a bent push rod. The sound is an often irritating ticking that originates under the hood of a car.

In most cases, a faulty lifter will be responsible for engine lifter noise; however, it is best diagnosed by a professional mechanic. Taking the vehicle with an engine lifter noise to a garage will allow professionals to place a diagnostic tool on the engine. If the cause of the engine lifter noise is a fault with the engine lifter itself, then it will need to be removed or rebored. Again, this is best carried out by a qualified professional.

It is easier to determine whether dirty oil deposits are responsible for engine lifter noise by simply changing the oil. If this stops the noise, then the problem is diagnosed and solved at once.

The third cause of engine lifter noise, a bent push rod, is another one that is expensive to solve. Drivers who occasionally speed and push their vehicle too hard are at risk of experiencing this problem. It occurs when the speed of depression on the push rod causes it to bend. In this instance, it will require professional replacement.