What Are Some Causes of a Car Overheating?

Poorly functioning fans and fan belts, low coolant levels and a dry engine can cause a car to overheat. Drivers can reverse some causes, whereas others are best left to a professional.

Car engines require lubricating oil to work efficiently. Dry engines are prone to damage and overheating. Checking and replenishing oil as necessary can prevent or remedy overheating. Even with sufficient amounts of lubricating oil, engines still produce an enormous amount of heat. A car's cooling system counters the engine's heat levels.

However, leaks in the system hinder its ability to cool a car. Puddles of coolant around a vehicle are telltale signs of a leak. When a car's cooling system malfunctions, fans kick in to lend support. If the car's fans and fan belts fail to work, the result may be an overheated car. Coolant system leaks and car fan repair require professional attention.