What Causes Automatic Cars to Begin Stalling?

Several things can cause an automatic car to stall, including a leak in the vehicle's vacuum system. A leak in the vacuum system can cause the car to lose power.

To check if the car is stalling due to a vacuum leak, users should inspect all vacuum lines and hoses to ensure they are connected and free of cracks. Drivers can even listen for whistling or hissing as a vacuum leak often makes these noises.

Faulty sensors or electrical systems can also cause a vehicle to stall. If a wire or sensor fails, it can cause problems with the computer. If the car is stalling due to a sensor or electrical problem, the check engine light will often come on. The first step is to check for unattached components. A mechanic can also plug in a code checker to determine if this is the issue.

A problem with the intake or fuel system can also cause stalling. Anything obstructing the flow of air or fuel can cause the engine to cut out. The most common reasons for lack of fuel flow is a clogged fuel filter or dirty air filter. Both of these can be replaced to remedy the problem.