What Causes Antifreeze to Leak in Cars?

One major cause of antifreeze leaking in a car is a damaged or worn radiator. In time, radiators can become corroded and prone to holes or cracks.

Leaks around hose connections can also cause antifreeze to ooze out of the car. This is more common on the upper and lower hose assembly as corrosion or heat can cause cracks in the hoses or seals. Most car owners can fix this problem by tightening or replacing the hoses without much effort.

Another common cause of antifreeze leaks are cracks or holes in the radiator or heater hose. Typically, when this occurs, the hoses often spray coolant out while the car is running. When checking for this issue, people should be cautious when opening the hot to avoid being sprayed with hot coolant.

A water pump with a bad seal shaft, a damaged heater core or a bad head gasket are also reasons for a vehicle leaking coolant. These causes are harder to identify and typically require a mechanic to fix.

If a vehicle is leaking or low on antifreeze, it should not be driven. Driving it in this condition can cause it to overheat, which leads to even more mechanical issues.