What Are Some Caterpillar Diagnostic Codes?

caterpillar-diagnostic-codes Credit: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Caterpillar Diagnostic codes include a component identifier code that provides the service personnel information regarding a specific component or system failure. A failure mode identifier diagnostic cods provides information to the service personnel regarding the type of failure.

A Caterpillar Diagnostic code also consists of a module identifier diagnostic code that locates the electronic control module that has diagnosed a fault. Some of the component identifiers include numbers 1 to 16 to designate the 16 Injector cylinders, code 17 designating the fuel shutoff valve, code 18 indicating the fuel control valve, code 19 indicates the throttle bypass valve and code 20 indicates the timing actuator. Similarly, there are component identifier codes for every component.

The diagnostic code information for the Caterpillar electronic controls include 1901, 1927, 1948, 3168, 4348, 7490, 7494, 7601, 7602, 4802, 4808, 4810, 5511, 5701 and 7610. The failure mode identifier codes include 00 for valid data above the normal operating range, 01 for valid data below the normal operating range, 02 for erratic, intermittent or incorrect data and 03 for above normal or shorted high voltage. In the same way, each type of failure has a unique diagnostic code.

The module identifier codes include 10 indicating the digital diagnostic tool, 11 designating the communication adapter, 12 designating the Electronic Control Analyzer Programmer and 14 indicating the Electronic Ignition System.