What Are Some Caterpillar D6 Specs?

The Caterpillar D6 is a medium-sized bulldozer by Caterpillar. The exact specifications of a D6 bulldozer depend on the model. D6R LGP Crawler and D6-D Crawler are two available models.

Powered by a turbocharged 10.5-liter engine, the D6R LGP produces up to 199 horsepower at 1,900 rpm. The six-cylinder engine displaces 638 cubic inches of air. With three forward and three reverse gears, the bulldozer has a max speed of 7.4 mph when going forward and 9.5 mph when going backwards. It has a piston-style pump that can flow 50.2 gallons per minute. The standard blade of the bulldozer is 13.1 feet wide, 43.3 inches tall and has a capacity of 4.8 square yards.

In comparison, the D6-D runs on an engine that produces up to 139.5 horsepower while displacing the same amount of air. The D6-D also has three gears for each direction but is slower at 6.7 mph when going forward and 8 mph when going backwards. Its pump has a capacity of 43.9 gallons per minute. The standard blade is 10.5 feet wide, 44.4 inches tall and can carry 4.3 square yards of material. Able to turn 12 degrees in both directions, the blade can cut 18.6 inches deep.