What Does Cataclean Do to a Catalytic Inverter?


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Mr. Gasket Cataclean is a solution that serves as a cleaner for the fuel and exhaust system that cleans the catalytic converter by reducing carbon build-up. This formula also cleans the fuel injectors, oxygen sensors and cylinder heads. It is safe for all engines and does not change fuel composition.

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Cataclean has been independently tested at an emissions testing facility and shown to lower the emission of hydrocarbon from a car by as much as 50 percent. Cataclean is often used to fix issues such as hesitation with drivability, power reduction and hard starts. It is also often used as a vehicle treatment before emissions tests and to extend the life of an engine. This substance may also help a vehicle owner avoid the replacement of the catalytic converter or the oxygen sensors of the vehicle.

Cataclean is very simple to use, and is poured directly into the fuel tank. It is legal in all 50 states and is in compliance with Volatile Organic Compound and Ozone Transport Commission regulations, as of 2015. This formula is also compliant with the Federal low sulphur content requirements that are in effect for diesel motor vehicles. The company recommends using Cataclean four times a year for optimum protection and performance.

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