Where Are Some Cars That Were Called "stupid" by the Public?


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Cars that have generally failed commercially and that were often referred to as "stupid" include the Ford Edsel, the Dodge Custom Royal, the Amphicar, the Yugo and the Pontiac Aztek. The Custom Royal and the Amphicar both had innovative features that were poorly thought-out and impractical, while the Aztek has the distinction of being widely considered one of the ugliest cars ever made.

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The Dodge Custom Royal was widely considered stupid by automotive buyers when it debuted in 1956 because of its miniature custom record turntable in the dashboard. While the turntable was arguably a good idea in hindsight given the proliferation of cassette decks and compact disks in car stereos in later decades, the implementation of the Dodge Custom Royal left much to be desired. The unusual size of the turntable meant it could only play custom-sized records made by Dodge, and the quality of the playback was extremely poor as the record tended to skip on every bump or dip in the road.

The Amphicar was a German vehicle introduced in 1961 that had the limited ability to operate as a boat as well as a car. However, the vehicle's top water speed of 7 mph did not endear it to potential buyers. The Amphicar was also prone to leaking during transit, leading one commentator to posit that it would "revolutionize drowning" rather than revolutionizing transportation, as the designer hoped.

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