How Do You Find Cars Under $400?


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People shopping for cheap cars can sometimes find them in online and offline classified sections, but most cars available for $400 or less likely reside in a junkyard. Rebuilt cars might be another option to consider.

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How Do You Find Cars Under $400?
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Car dealers generally try to avoid cars they can only sell for $400; even a car they got for free nets a relatively small profit at that price. However, dealers might lists cars they received for a trade-in on Craigslist or other free classified sections to move it off the lot as quickly as possible. Cars listed around $1,000 are potential targets for negotiations, and a dealer might be willing to drop the price to below $400 to clear room on the lot.

Car auctions are another option to consider, and buyers willing to take a chance might be able to buy a car for $400 that's worth much more. However, buyers generally have little opportunity for inspecting or test driving cars sold at auctions, so the car might need repairs that cost significantly more that $400 to maintain a safe driving condition. Some people specialize in rebuilding cars listed as salvage and selling them, although improper repair work can make rebuilt cars potentially unsafe.

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